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If you haven’t sent us your flight details, please do so HERE – we will arrange your airport transfers.

Please send us a copy of your insurance to

Insurance must cover illness, rescue, injury, death and repatriation while cycling off-road in the destination country.

We recommend insurance companies like HeyMondo and EuropAssistance.

Get ready:

It’s a demanding route with long days in the saddle and steep climbs.

The week is not focused on training or performance, but to better enjoy the experience, we recommend riding your bike regularly during the weeks before this trip.


Pack your bike in a bike box, we recommend softboxes like EVOC or PRO, we will ship the empty box from the first to the last hotel.

If you arrive with a cardboard box, ask us to arrange a new cardboard box at the end of the trip.

For each participant, we will transfer one bag (max 20kg) from one hotel to the next. 

WhatsApp group – you can join with the link above.

Tracking map – we will track each participant’s position with a GPRS device for safety reasons.

Media folder – during and after the week we will share the best pictures.


Bring your bike to a trusted bike shop for a general inspection and tune-up. Tires and brake pads should be in new condition.

Choose a comfortable tyre width (we recommend 45mm) and low gearing (we recommend a 3oT-42T for 2x or 40T-50T for 1x).

Wind can be strong and gusty, we recommend 30mm as the maximum rim profile height.

Storing your bike on ferries may result in scratches or cosmetic damage, avoid fancy and expensive bikes.

The mandatory water capacity is 1.5 litres.

Cycling Shoes:

The route includes about 1-hour hike-a-bike. You will walk in and out of ferries, cafes and hotels.

Choose cycling shoes you can comfortably walk in.


Mandatory: rain jacket, mid-layer, waterproof gloves and shoe covers, and leg warmers.

For safety reasons, always bring all this gear on the bike.

We recommend bringing 2-3 sets of base layers to wash a set at the hotel and use the fresh one.

Tools and spares:

Mandatory: multi-tool, tubeless repair kit, hand pump, inner tube, spare chain link.

For safety reasons, always bring all this gear on the bike all the time.


Mandatory: front light or headlamp (min 600 lumens), rear light, GPS device.

For safety reasons, always bring all this gear on the bike.

For safety reasons, always have the route loaded on your GPS.


Sunscreen protection.

Bring a frame bag or a saddle bag to pack all the mandatory gear.

Routes tracks are available for download on the Ride With GPS collection linked above.

You can download GPX files with no need to create an account: Click on More >> Export as File >> GPX track (.gpx) >> Download .gpx File

We will help you download the routes and set up your GPS device to ensure every participant has the right route. 

For safety, every participant must have the route loaded on his GPS device and be self-sufficient in navigation.

Routes can change depending on road closures and weather conditions.

Day1, Sun – Lanzarote – 50km 850m+

The transfer company driver will wait for you at the airport arrival hall and drive you to the hotel.

In case the room is not ready you can use the changing room and the luggage storage.

02:00 – We meet at the hotel reception hall and go for an afternoon ride.

If you arrive later, our staff will be at the hotel to welcome participants all afternoon long.

08:00 – Dinner.

Hotel: Barceló Royal Level – Costa Teguise

Check-in from 3:00 pm – Dinner from 7:00 to 10:00 pm – Breakfast from 7:30 am.

Bike storage – in the room, Massage booking – WhatsApp 0034 605 524345.

Day 2, Mon – Lanzarote – 85km 1.040m+

08:00 – Breakfast.

09:00 – Let’s ride!

We stop for a picnic around midday, visit a winery in the late afternoon and wait for sunset on a scenic ocean road before riding to the hotel.

08:00 – Dinner.

Hotel: Princesa Yaiza, Playa Blanca

Dinner from 7:00 to 10:00 pm – Breakfast from 7:30 am.

Bike storage – in the luggage room, Massage booking –

Day 3, Tue – Fuerteventura – 115km 1.600m+

07:00 – Check out process

07:30 – Breakfast.

07:50 – Let’s ride!

08:30 – Ferry to Fuerteventura.

We stop for a picnic around midday and visit the old colonial town of Betancuria. We should be at the hotel just after sunset.

07:30 – Dinner.

Hotel: Playitas Sport Hotel, La Pared

Dinner from 6:30 to 8:30 pm – Breakfast from 7:30 am.

Massage booking – WhatsApp 0034 642 601155.

Day 4, Wed – Fuerteventura – 35km 550m+

09:00 – Breakfast.

10:00 – Let’s ride!

It’s a short ride to the next hotel, we can stop at the beach, spend the afternoon relaxing at the pool or go for a 50km loop to Cofete Beach.

08:00 – Dinner.

Hotel: Occidental Jandía Royal Level, Morro Jable

Dinner from 7:00 to 10:00 pm – Breakfast from 6:30 am.

Bike storage – in the room, Spa included – until 06:30, Massage booking – call 0034 928 54 60 01.

Day 5, Thu – Gran Canaria – 80km 2.550m+

05:00 – Breakfast.

05:30 – Let’s ride!

06:30 – Ferry to Gran Canaria (ferry timetable could change, we will reschedule breakfast) 

We stop for a coffee and visit the old streets of La Vegueta. Picnic around midday. We should be at the hotel before sunset.

08:00 – Dinner.

Hotel: Parador, Cruz de Tejeda

Dinner from 7:00 to 10:00 pm – Breakfast from 7:30 am.

Bike storage – in the room, beautiful Spa available for 25€ until 08:00 (slippers are mandatory), Massage and Spa booking – mail:

Day 6, Fri – Gran Canaria, Tenerife – 105km 2.550m+

07:30 – Breakfast.

08:30 – Let’s ride!

12:30 – Lunch at the harbour.

14:00 – Ferry to Tenerife.

We will be at the hotel after sunset.

08:30 – Dinner at Guaydil restaurant.

Hotel: Gran Hotel – La Laguna

Breakfast from 7:30 am.

Bike storage – bike room in the garage, Massage booking – Call 0034 922 10 80 80.

Day 7, Sat – Tenerife – 110km 2.750m+

07:30 – Breakfast.

08:30 – Let’s ride!

It’s a long day out riding, but we can split the group and choose a shorter route.

We will be at the hotel after sunset.

08:00 – Dinner.

Hotel: Gara Suites, Los Cristianos

Breakfast from 7:30 am

Bike storage – in the room, Spa included

Day 8, Sun – Tenerife

We could go for a short morning ride at the beach or stay at the pool.

Time to pack our bikes and say goodbye.

We arrange your transfer to Tenerife South Airport.


Navigation basics and map settings.

Download and synch routes from your phone to your GPS device.

Route Planning

Introduction and comparison of the main apps and tools for route planning:

KomootRide with GPSStravaMaps.MeMapOut

You can download the apps on your phone, create a free account and play around to get familiar with the app’s features.


Our tour leaders are experienced photographers, you can bring your camera and your laptop for evening editing!

Cameras comparisons.

Straps, bags and different ways to bring a camera out cycling.

Shooting and filming techniques related to cycling.

Photo editing on mobile phones and laptops. 


Fix most common mechanical issues with basic tools.

Set a tube and plug a tubeless.

Replace chain links.

Replace brake pads.

Electronic and mechanical shifting adjustment.

Equipment and tools

Comparison and chats about bike parts, cycling clothes, safety equipment and electronics.

Moderate to strong trade wind is foreseen for the whole week.

The wind direction will be mostly tailwind across Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

This wind usually brings a few clouds, mist and possible drizzle to the mountains of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

It’s recommended to pack leg warmers or rain pants.

Expected temperatures at day time:

Sea Level -> 20ºC ~ 30ºC
1000mt -> 10ºC ~ 20ºC
2000mt -> 5ºC ~ 15ºC

The landscape is ever-changing because the weather is ever-changing.
Expect strong winds, heat, mist, rain and eventual snow.


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