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When cycling, we can truly experience a region, we are slow enough to see all the details and smell the flavours, we are open-minded to meet local communities and relationships got accelerated by the events creating close friendships. A cycling trip shouldn’t necessarily be extremely challenging, dangerous or uncomfortable, at Outer Detours we plan all included and fully supported adventures, small events with a few participants, led by well-travelled explorers. One week on the bike to truly experience a region, focusing on the joyful and creative part of cycling, and forget about everything else.


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Like everybody else, Matteo learned to ride a bike as a kid, and never quit. After many years and countless miles, he is still amazed by the gyroscopic balance given by the spinning wheels, the instant pleasure of moving forward pushing on the pedals, the endless freedom of climbing mountains and crossing the landscape.

Daniela likes the most adventurous and challenging part of cycling, she won extreme ultra-cycling races and explored remote countries on her bike. She likes to ride far away from her comfort zone, camp out in pristine nature and get in touch with local communities, always with an easy-going attitude and open-minded approach.


The ultimate minimalist, Adam has been wandering around the world for 20 years, spending most of his life on two wheels. In love with the mountains and nature. He intensively explores the Alps, especially loves Switzerland. He combines an adventurous lifestyle with photography, showing others the beauty of the surroundings.


Josh has spent the past 20 years racing and touring his bike all over the world. He has completed many of the biggest ultra-races out there including the Transcontinental Race, Tour Divide and of course the Gran Guanche! Talking bikes and cycling is his primary occupation so he will be able to offer a vast range of knowledge and stories to pass the time cycling across the Canaries.


Well-travelled bikepacker, photographer and occasional racer. Weronika explored most of the paved and unpaved roads of the canaries. When not on the islands, you can find her on an adventure somewhere in the mountains. Most probably with the camera and a tent.


Erwin uses his camera and words to share his love for cycling and bikepacking with the community. He describes his riding style as social or ‘party pace’, but doesn’t shy away from the occasional challenge. When he’s not riding his bike, he spends most of his time planning routes with Komoot, and cuddling his newborn gravel-rider-to-be.